Oils and Filters

Terra Parts & Machinery SRL® offer a wide range of oils for any application in construction machinery , agricultural machinery and trucks . Our range of oils have the same specification as any genuine oils . We also offer a complete range of filters for construction and agricultural machinery . We know the importance of lubrification , greasing and filtration for the machines and that is why we supplier high quality parts , that complain with environment regulations.

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Oils for industrial applications for construction machinery , agricultural machiners and trucks - engine oils, transmission oil, gearbox oils, differential oils, hydraulic oils. Terra Parts & Machinery Srl® has to offer complete range of oils for your machines . If you need a type of oil - we have it.


We have in our range of offer a wide range of grease for any applications, for construction machinery and for agricultural machinery. Whatever application you may require grease at Terra Parts & Machinery Srl® you will find the suitable grease. Construction machinery grease, oils. Tractor grease and oils.


Terra Parts & Machinery Srl® offers a wide range of filters for your machines . Either it is a construction machinery or agricultural machinery , you can find at us genuine filters , oem filters and aftermarket filters.

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Filtration system

Terra Parts & Machinery Srl® helps you to choose the right filters for your machine. Whatever you are looking for genuine, oem or aftermarket filters at us you will find the suitable solution.

Automatic greasing system

Terra Parts & Machinery Srl® offers you automatic greasing solution for your construction machinery of agricultural tractor. Automatic greasing systems take over the task from the machine operator and use the optimal amount for grease for greasing your machiner.

Cleaning solution

Terra Parts & Machinery Srl® offers you a wide range of cleaning solutions - machinery washing solution , oils stain remover.

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